Attn. Rabid Subset Of Hockey Fans: The Flyers Are Back

The NHL lockout is over. Yay? We thought they had cancelled the whole season a few weeks ago, but apparently, someone still cares. So with the deal done (if anyone really cares, details on the financials are here), the season will feature 48-games and begin around Jan. 19th when the Flyers, Rangers, and every team in Canada sell out their games, and teams in Atlanta, Tampa, Phoenix, and San Jose wonder why they hell they have hockey teams. And while we’re sure Ed Snider is gonna be bummed he has to go back to running a hockey team and he can’t focus on his next Ayn Rand film adaptation, he told ABC News:

I’m thrilled for our fans, I’m thrilled for all of our people that work around our sport that have been hurt by this. I’m thrilled for the players, for the owners. I’m just sorry it had to take this long. The great thing is, we don’t have to look at it for hopefully 10 years, or at worst eight, and that’s good stuff.”

And that’s great, because if there’s any trait you want out of your owner, it’s that he already dreads the next time they have to sit down and have labor talks. It’s a real positive sign. Really though, there is probably no one happier about this than NBC Sports Network, who can now stop showing golf highlights shows, dog shows, and snowboarding competitions. Or at least not show them as often.

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