This Weekend: Stay Warm And Flu-Free


>>> Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranoldo is playing a whole weekend at the Philadelphia Museum of Art as part of their “Dancing Around the Bride” exhibit, showcasing the works of John Cage, Marcel Duchamp, Jasper Johns, and more. He’ll be playing interpretations of some Cage work, along with his own, on Friday from 4:30 – 7PM, Saturday from 1 – 3PM, and Sunday from 1 – 4PM. Admission is included in regular museum admission. Let’s hope he fares better than Thurston.
>>> It’s cold outside. (How cold is it?) It’s so cold that Little Baby’s doesn’t give a shit and wants you to have some ice cream anyway. Well, ice cream and pizza and art and an international yo-yo master. The Mid-Winter’s Ice Cream Circus will feature LIttle Baby’s Ice Cream, special flavors with ingredients from La Finquita Urban Farm, Art in the Age spirits, and some pizza art. Fight cold with cold, that’s the saying right?
>>> Show #1 in the New Dreamz mini-residency/warm-up tour/fun time extravaganza is going on at Space 1026 tonight, where TND will be “performing new pieces, workshopping new comedy and conducting joke club meetings to prepare for their coming LA mini tour.” So get in on that experimental comedy tip.
>>> Check out St. James and the Apostles as they make their Ruba Club debut at … well .. Ruba Club with some psych and soul DJing going on before and after.
>>> Hey, you may not know it, but you want to party at the Art Alliance. Trust us. And tonight is your chance when Universal Cave, Robotique, and The Magic Message take over the Art Alliance for a one night only all night dance party in a 100-year old mansion. It’ll be great, we promise.
>>> ART!


>>> Sun Airway, playing behind last year’s Soft Fall, take the stage at Johnny Brenda’s with Historics and Cruiser.
>>> Ruby the Hatchet are celebrating their record release at Milkboy, along with Attic Dancers, Wreaths, and Bunnie.
>>> Celebrate four years of the Bouffant Bangout at the Barbary, where alliteration and sweaty dancing are both welcomed and expected, with a dance contest featuring a $100 prize for the winner, open bar at 10PM, and that cool feeling knowing that you were part of something really cool. Or, if you don’t get that feeling, did we mention there’s an open bar?


>>> The acclaimed indie-pop of New York three-piece Hospitality, along with Philly’s own Conversations With Enemies and Tinmouth will try to warm you up at JB’s. The beer should help.
>>> For the love of all that is good, stay warm and don’t get the flu. How? Stay home and watch the season premiere of Downton Abbey you fools, that’s how.

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