Defense’s Closing Argument In Mob Trial Quotes The Godfather Because That’s How You Hammer Home That Your Client Is Innocent

The racketeering case against Joseph “Mousie” Massimino is coming to a close, and while some fun facts about the mob have come out during the trial of Massimino (and other defendants), Massimino’s lawyer ended a mob-related trial in the only way he could find appropriate, “by paraphrasing what he said was a quote from one of ‘The Godfather’ movies.” According to NBC10, attorney Joseph Santaguida told the court and jury:

You owe my client an apology! You make him sit here for three months, on edge, his family on pins and needles. Not only do they owe him an apology, they owe you an apology.”

Now, this could have all just been said to the court and the jury without anyone batting an eye — it’s a loose paraphrase after all — but Santaguida made a point to tell people he was quoting The Godfather. Because if there’s any way to convince a jury that your client is innocent of mob charges brought against him, it’s by referencing the most famous piece of mob-related media of all time. Obviously.

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