This Evening: In Recovery

>>> Out at the Barbary, a whole smattering of bands will be celebrating the first Thursday of our dear year full of opportunity, 2013, including Worshyper, Safari Dudes, Boy Scout of America, and DJ sets from Bearbait and Power Animal. And for those with the post holiday shopping blues, it’s only five bucks. You can’t beat it.
>>> And most of the city is still recovering having to buy a new calendar, so there isn’t much going on. So why not just head to your favorite spot and let them know that, although your New Year’s resolution is to get in shape/drink less/spend less money, they’ll still be seeing plenty of you.

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  1. Lance Ducotte Says:

    tis the season for laying around on the couch

  2. philebrity Says:

    We should really do a Netflix/Hulu roundup instead of weekend picks this week.

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