It Would Be The Most Magical Late Xmas Present Ever If We Could Get #iamnotmummerscum Trending Locally


A dream fancier than dem golden slippers, even.

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  • Lovetron

    While we are mainly laughing at you, I’m impressed that you have ridden this train this far.

  • philebrity

    For 18 months in the very late 1990s. Right behind Plastic Fantastic. Wasn’t long for the place, though.

  • mike

    If you are from Philly… WHERE in Philly exactly are you from? As in, WHERE were you raised? Also, where are your parents from?

  • philebrity

    In order: FISHTOWN. FISHTOWN. FISHTOWN. We are not what you call travellers, my people.

  • Tim McCloskey

    Yeah?! Well what PART of Fishtown?!?

  • philebrity