Without Further Ado, The First Thing That We Actually Like In 2013

2013 is already insane: Boehner dropping f-bombs on Harry Reid, Mummers applying the “just the tip” philosophy to blackface, and God knows what else in the next five minutes. If the last 32 hours are any indication, you’re gonna need some soothing. Enter Kwesi Kankam. Previously known mostly to fans of the Lehigh University football program, Kankam is a recent Philly transplant who splits his creative energy between photographs and songs. Both are worthy, but it’s those songs, on his new EP Ran Away From Here, that are really grabbing us. Is dude an American Michael Kiwanuka? A John Mayer you don’t wanna punch? Or an old-time-style John Martyn vibe sherpa who’ll be on your side all winter long? To all of these: Very possibly yes. And while we know that going out tonight, on this bitterly cold Second of January, is probably not on your list of things to do, we should still let you know that Kwesi is playing a free show at Gunners Run at 9pm. Gunners Run is heated and has beer, also. Can you say the same for your apartment? Even if you can, do consider it anyway.

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