Rumblings: Early Reports Indicate That In 2013, Conservative Middle Aged White Men Are Still, Overwhelmingly, Dicks

>>> Let’s start with Tom Corbett, who, as we speak, is filing suit against the NCAA over their sanctions and fines on Penn State, which the University agreed to (and began paying back) last year. This is notable for a few good reasons, one of which might be that the move is a preemptive strike on Corbett’s own behalf, since the whole Sandusky mess sat on his desk forever when he was Attorney General. Another could just be that Corbett is a giant crybaby who’s out of his depth. [HuffPo]

>>> Having not exactly driven us off of The Crisis Formerly Known As Fiscal Cliff (soon to be followed by its sequel, Debt Ceiling Apocalypse Now), House Republicans are now smearing their own feces on the walls of the Capitol, taking a no-brainer Hurricane Sandy relief bill, rolling it into little turds, and throwing them at the President. Sigh. [NYMag]

>>> And finally, this moment in Philly Union Goons: Burning down the Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting House! People on their way to work say, Baby, what do you expect? []

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