PAFA Will Use A Grant To Build A Gallery To Display 75% Of Their Collection, Which Is Fancy And Light Sensitive

The Historical Landmark Building, which is a mere 100-years younger than our great nation, is The Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts‘ trademark building. And now, thanks to a grant from Richard C. von Hess Foundation, that building will contain PAFA’s new Works on Paper Gallery.

Much of PAFA’s collection (around 75%) consists of works on paper, including a collection of Thomas Eakins photography, Benjamin West’s Penn’s Treaty with the Indians (1771-72), and John Vanderlyn’s Ariadne Asleep on the Island of Naxos (1809-14). Displaying the art before was an issue because of the light-sensitive nature of much of the art, but PAFA will use their grant to expand public access to the vast trove of PAFA’s works on paper collection, and “will afford the necessary environment for the safe display of these light-sensitive works,” which will be constantly rotating. Construction on the gallery inside the building will begin in Spring, and we’re gonna go ahead and assume you can’t touch any of the art, or take flash photography. Plus, you wouldn’t want to be the guy who had a very expensive drawing crumble in his hands now would ya?

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