It’s Hard Out Here For A Cop: Deputy Police Commish Allegedly Used Dept.’s Personnel Files As OkCupid

Sometimes, when you’re a cop (we imagine), it can be hard to get a date. You’ve got a tough exterior, you’re married to the job, and the last sexy one of you punched a lady in the face. So it is (not at all) completely understandable that Deputy Commissioner William Blackburn would have allegedly trolled the department’s personnel files for pretty ladies, and then made up reasons to go to their districts and hit on them.

The allegations are part of an ongoing federal discrimination lawsuit against Blackburn and the city, “alleging that Blackburn sexually harassed Debra Frazier, a police captain, and retaliated against her when she rebuffed his advances.” The harassment allegations, according to the Daily News, go back to 2008, “when Frazier was assigned to narcotics, Blackburn began calling and texting her at all hours of the night, asking about her personal life,” which is a total rookie move. The DN continues, “It wasn’t unusual for her to receive five or six calls from Blackburn in a day. On a Saturday, Blackburn called, saying he was sitting in a Starbucks, lonely, reading by the window,” presumably working on a screenplay, or pretending to read so he could look cool and still get the refill on his coffee since he totally didn’t leave the store. After Frazier rebuffed his advances, he allegedly threatened to hit her with his car, would stare at her playing racquetball, and — we assume — he probably wrote some sad songs about her.

The investigation is ongoing, so we won’t speak to who really did what, but we hope someone at least got this guy a membership to Single Cops, Police Singles, or Uniform Dating for Christmas.

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