If Damon Feldman Left Delco, Would The County Become Normal? Or Would It Collapse In Upon Itself?

That is as deep a philosophical question as can be asked about dear old Delco, but it will have to wait: Damon Feldman will once again be in court in poor, poor Broomall, this time in the plaintiff’s seat. We’ll let Feldman’s own words (spelling, grammar, and common sense mistakes included) explain:

The context (like you need it), is that Feldman was involved in a “publicity stunt” where he was to have gotten “engaged” to The Octomom, in which she took the ring in which belonged to Feldman’s ex-wife. Feldman claims he was to receive $5,000 from Octomom for …. something? He claims he also was told he’d get the ring back but has received neither of those things. And he trusted her so much that he did all of this based off of a “verbal agreement.” Because what do you take him for? Some kind of businessman?

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