Avis Buys Zipcar, Could Be Boon Or Bust For Philly Car Share

Topographers of the ever-evolving car-sharing/short-term-rental scene in Philly, take note: Avis is buying out Zipcar. With the purchase, Avis instantly becomes the biggest dog in the U.S. car-sharing market, over both Hertz and Enterprise, who currently own and manage the previously independent Philly Car Share. Wielding that kind of market force, logic suggests that Avis could be the one to come along and really challenge PCS, which has had a slew of problems and management shifts in the last five years. Although, to be fair, PCS seems to have finally stabilized under Enterprise, even as Zipcar has made significant inroads in the Philly market. On the other hand, that can’t account for Philly’s brand loyalty to PCS or the fact that PCS seems to rebound every time the chips seem impossibly down. For the moment, at least, one thing is for sure: PCS/Enterprise will most likely profit from the temporary confusion.

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