This Weekend: What Are You Doing Here?

>>> We know: Why is there even Weekend Picks this week? Aren’t we all at home watching Marley on Netflix or otherwise staring into space whether we’re being paid to or not? Yesterday, Jimmy was in the office and we were like, what are you doing here? He said he just didn’t know where to be. Tell you what: Next year, we’re just gonna take the whole week off and hand this thing over to the people who used to do Phrequency or whatever. The rest of us can go day drinking for the rest of the time and see how long we can go without even looking at our phones. Because really. If you’re reading this, stop now. Hug your family. Make yourself a drink. It’s so much later than you think.

>>> Here’s something to celebrate: The fact that the Brain Drain is not what used to be. Even a few years back, when people told you they were leaving Philly to go to NYC/LA/Whatever, it was a real reaction that you’d smile at them sadly, wish them well and then know that you’d never see them again. Nowadays, anytime people tell us they’re leaving, you can hear the wooden balls in our heads clacking together from how hard we’re rolling our eyes. So sure, go the leaving party/big show for comedians Shannon Brown and Brendan Kennedy, Sideshow Presents: Know When To Leave, send ’em off right, but know in your heart of hearts that they’ll be back in 18 months. Why? Because NYC is a load of horseshit; East Coast bodies can’t understand LA; Portland is insufferable; and now is the best time to be HERE than perhaps there ever has been. We’ll leave the light on for ya.

>>> Prediction for 2013: Electro-pop duo City Rain will turn their aggressive positivity into the only thing it has left to do — full-on cult status. Before they lead a mass wedding and bilk the bank accounts of thousands of stars-in-their-eyes Etsy lovers, see them tonight with Young London and Funeral Flowers at Kung Fu Necktie.

>>> And some sad news: West Philly venue Elena’s Soul suffered a bunch of damage in a fire earlier this week. There’s a benefit for the place tonight.


>>> Oh, this will be fun, so long as no one is actually dressed in period garb: 20th Anniversary Show: “Singles” Soundtrack and The Lemonheads “It’s A Shame About Ray” with Strangled By The Stereo Wire at Milkboy.

>>> Old heads, unite, for here is a good old fashioned Khyber-era ripper of a show: BERETTA76, The Original Sins and Weird Hot at Johnny Brenda’s. Bonus points if you go to the bar and order a “Lager” and just wait patiently until they run across the street to Murph’s to grab you one because you were so sincere in your order and belief that Yuengling is, was and always will be the only Lager that they just had to respect that. Because really: That is kind of admirable.


>>> Seriously, what are you doing here? The nap store called. They said you have unfinished business with them.

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