Philly Loves Guns Too! Gun Sales Shoot Up 25% In Philadelphia

We don’t need to remind you that the Sandy Hook Massacre was one week ago. Since then, President Obama’s call for stricter gun control has been echoed by both the left and the right. Apparently this has some people afraid, and while gun sales had already been rising since Obama’s reelection, gun sales across the country are now up even further. We are no exception, with local news outlets reporting that gun sales in Philadelphia have jumped 25%.

The most in-demand item? Automatic and semi-automatic weapons, the ones that are most likely to be on the legal chopping block.

Clearly, these folks do not want stricter gun controls to be put in place, but this also shows a lack of forethought on their part. These individuals are spending money on weapons that may soon be illegal and would have to be turned in or taken away. And if any of these people think that they need automatic weapons to “fight off” the American government, remember that they’ve got superior firepower.

3 Responses to “Philly Loves Guns Too! Gun Sales Shoot Up 25% In Philadelphia”

  1. Claude M. Schrader Says:

    automatic weapons have been banned since 1984, and it’s a very tiny subset of semi automatic weapons that would get banned

  2. Marie Brophy Says:

    And watch the number of gun deaths in Philly go up 25%

  3. Osama Yo Says:

    Once again, you left wing dingbats are speaking out of your ass. It is impossible to legally buy an automatic weapon in the USA.

    Finished? Good. Go wipe yourself

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