Philebrity Outlives Yet Another Dumb Blog That Was Supposed To Be Like Philebrity

Goodbye Phrequency. And thank you for years of service in making us look, by comparison, like the New York Friggin’ Times.

  • jbette01

    Oh Christ Joey the entire world does not want to be you. Phrequency had a different vibe to it and you know it. Now Phawker? That shit needs ta go.

  • philebrity

    Walk a mile in our shoes, having every failing media entity trying to steal some of your lucky charms for years on end, trying to pick your brain without paying a consultant fee, and then talk to me about this.

  • pete n pete

    I, for one, will miss seeing a bunch of drunk, idiotic hipsters posing for the camera of someone who barely knows how to operate a camera or a flash. I was always pretty impressed with how the “what’s hot to listen to” articles were exactly the same as Pitchfork’s best new music articles, like within 24 hours. What a co-wanky-dank!