That’s Great It Starts With An Earthquake: PhilaMOCA’s Three-Day End Of The World Symposium Begins Tonight

Well, this is it. The end of the world. It’s here. And how do you plan on spending your last three nights on Earth: Knocking off the last few items on your bucket list? Getting drunk? Watching movies about the end of the world? Oh, you’re doing none of those, because the world isn’t ending? That makes sense.

Since we likely still have centuries, even millennia to go, spend the next three nights thinking about the world’s demise and enjoying some apocalyptic entertainment at PhilaMOCA‘s End of the World Symposium.

Over the next three days, PhilaMOCA will be hosting film screenings, panels, and art, showcasing our obsession with the end times. It starts tonight, as PhilaMOCA presents the Apocalyptic Art reception, followed by a presentation titled Sci-Fi Sublime: Watching Ourselves Be Annihilated in Movies, and a screening of 1951’s The Day The Earth Stood Still with a live theremin score. Tomorrow night, join film and philosophy scholars for a panel entitled The Meaning of MELANCHOLIA: Depression, Doomsday, or Nothing?, followed by the We Hate Movies people giving live comedic commentary on 1964’s version of The Last Man on Earth. And then close it all out on Friday, the day the world shall (definitely not) end, with the The End of World, Again: The Apocalypse in Media, Science, and Culture panel, followed by an end of the world party.

We’re sure you’ll get your fill of birthday party, chessecake, jelly bean, boom.

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