If You Would Like Your Head To Explode, Do Please Watch This CBS3 Report On The Instagram Mess

Now, a few things about this: Though it’s very true that Action News (RIP) has long had the market cornered on fear-mongering, anti-news, sheer stupidity, we have still contended for years that CBS3 is the very worst local television news available in the Philly market. Why CBS3 and not Action News? Because with Action News, at the very least, it’s all part of a cynical ploy that’s been crushing in the local ratings since before you were born. With CBS3, you get the impression that the people behind stories like the one above really do speak to everyone like they’re imbeciles, including themselves and, not for nothing, they’ve also got some seriously low-wattage anchor talent in the mix. (Not a Sheena Parvene in the bunch!)

So when the whole Instagram mess happened yesterday, like met like and whoooooosh! Head explosion! Big flub meets big flubbers in a flubtastic clusterflub that only the most annoying people you know on Facebook cared about in the first place. If this is CBS3 “on your side,” eff this: We’re switching sides.

3 Responses to “If You Would Like Your Head To Explode, Do Please Watch This CBS3 Report On The Instagram Mess”

  1. Osama Yo Says:

    who cares, the blonde is mega hot. Shouldn’t she be doing exposes on bikini waxing?

  2. kyle m Says:

    I’m not sure I catch your drift here.. I saw a lot of people very concerned who are primarily artists that use instagram as a way to sell their artwork or at least showcase their artwork to potential patrons. It’s a pretty legitimate response when you take someones art to sell your product with out their consent. Just because you are (self-admittedly) friends with annoying people on Facebook doesn’t mean the rest of us are. Maybe you should think the next one through before you post something about half assed journalism wink wink nudge nudge.

  3. Chuck Moore Says:

    On what planet is that blonde talking head “mega hot”? You have get out more (other than to your Republican fund raisers).

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