Philadelphia Public Interest Information Network Continues The Same Great Work, Gets Much Shorter Name

The Philadelphia Public Interest Information Network (or PPIIN, which is not the most friendly acronym) was created when Neil Budde was hired by Temple’s Center for Public Interest Journalism. Budde was hired to head “a collaborative organization intended to help increase the amount and quality of news and information in the Greater Philadelphia region.” And when this was all announced, we were promised one thing: the name will change.

And today, we cannot call the CPIJ liars. The Philadelphia Public Interest Information Network has been renamed AxisPhilly, for the sake of making it sound more interesting and, we assume, brevity. In addition, AxisPhilly has expanded with new staff, including, “editorial director Carla Robinson, news applications editor Casey Thomas, and muckraking news reporter Isaiah Thompson.” The group’s new website will launch in January here, and you can take a look at some of the work they’re doing over here.

  • Neil Budde

    Thanks for the coverage. Can you correct the name to AxisPhilly.