Must-Have Xmas Gift This Year Is Unlikely, Horrible, Awesome Card Game

20121218-105124.jpgWe couldn’t help but noticing in our various Christmas shopping and wish-listing that the one of the most in-demand and hard-to-find gifts this year might be the most unlikely Tickle Me Elmo or Cabbage Patch Kid ever: The delightfully mean Cards Against Humanity. Perhaps best described as Apples To Apples on a mean gin drunk, the game was developed by a handful of high school friends through a Kickstarter campaign (of course it was) and to date, may be one of Kickstarter’s most prominent success stories; just this week, the Cards Against Humanity guys were able to donate $70K — the entire profits from the game’s recent expansion pack — to Wikipedia.

But that doesn’t even begin to hint and the supply-and-demand mojo going on with the game this season. Though Cards Against Humanity sells the game via their own website for just $25 (and also offers a free PDF download for those willing to print out the game and cut it up into many, many little cards), the game is entirely sold out. The holiday season result of all this is that resellers on Amazon are now flipping Cards Against Humanity for as much as $100 — and garnering some pretty nasty product reviews in the process. The Cards folks say the game won’t be back in stock until January, but until then, enterprising office employees everywhere are totally stealing tons of toner and card stock, then buying booze on the way home.

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