This Moment In #philebrityawards: Darkness! End Of Days! Race To The Finish! Let’s Party!

At the time of this posting, just over 48 hours remain to vote in The 2012 Philebrity Awards! So if you intend to vote, do please go ahead. What’s more, as promised, we’ve hidden the results of the polls! Which means that when we hand out awards at The Philebrity Awards Show & XMas Pageant this Wednesday night at Johnny Brenda’s, many of the awards will be total surprises. (With this in mind, we ask that those nominated please attend or send representatives to Wednesday’s event.) Bearing all of this in mind, here were the status of the various polls when we turned the lights out:

· Non-Profit Of The Year: A tight race overall, but William Way is in the lead. (Also, someone should really let Sustainability Workshop know that Philebrity exists.)

· New Musical Artist: Another tight one, but Chill Moody‘s Twitter game is a force to be reckoned with.

· Festival/Gathering of the Year: Night Market is crushing it.

· General Excellence in Writing for a City Publication: It’s so close that we may need Amy Rosenberg and Daniel Denvir to settle it onstage with a whiskey drinking contest.

· The Philebrity Award for Fabulousness: CA Conrad and Dito Van Reigersberg in a fight to the finish!

· Lifetime Achievement Award: Radio: Terry Gross is creaming the competition in such a way that, well, it’s boring. WE DO NOT DO THESE AWARDS TO MAKE YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE IN YOUR NPR LOCKDOWN, YOU PORTLANDIA MOPES. Next year, we’re just gonna fix it so that Ray Koob wins something.

· Business of the Year: Barnes Foundation, Curalate and Kensington Food Co-op all within spitting distance of one another! Also, Technically Media: Apparently not that big on this whole Internet thing. Who knew?

· Phoodie of the Year: It’s so not even close that it feels like a disservice to the other folks to tell you who’s winning. Show a little imagination, people.

· Outstanding Do-Gooder(s) of the Year: Another squeaker! Anything could happen!

· Excommunication: Eagles in the lead because duhhhhhhh football, but it’s also nice to see that people despise Victor Fiorillo only 7% less than they do PGW.

So there you have it! Time’s a-wasting! And again, see you at the big show on Wednesday.

2 Responses to “This Moment In #philebrityawards: Darkness! End Of Days! Race To The Finish! Let’s Party!”

  1. vfiorillo Says:

    An honor just to be nominated, but even I had to vote for the Eagles! Keep fighting the good fight.

  2. Chuck Moore Says:

    Terry Gross is over-rated…nice enough person, sure, but over-rated just the same.

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