The 2013 Philadelphia Science Festival Is Set For April 18th To 28th, Nerds

SCIENCE! Next year’s edition of the Philadelphia Science Festival, featuring a science carnival, the Philadelphia premiere of Icarus at the Edge of Time, a whodunt at the Mütter Museum, and a whole bunch more, has been set for a ten day stretch in April.

In addition:

The Festival coincides with The Franklin Institute Awards Week, which each year honors pioneers in science, technology and business leadership. Continuing its nearly 200 year old legacy of bringing the world’s most influential scientists to Philadelphia to be recognized for their extraordinary achievements (think Einstein, Curie, and Hawking), The Franklin Institute Awards is among the oldest and most widely known awards programs in science. Among the eight recipients being honored on Thursday, April 25 are: Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO of Dell Inc., who helped revolutionize personal computing, making it accessible to the masses; William Labov, Ph.D., of the University of Pennsylvania, who established the cognitive basis of language variation and change and has studied non-standard dialects; and Subra Suresh, Sc.D., director of the National Science Foundation, for helping change our understanding of how materials behave and whose research also showed how deformation of biological cells can be linked to diseases.”

Those laureates — among with past recipients — will participate in lectures, panels, and hands-on demos in addition to festival programming. The Philly Geek Awards nominated 2012 edition was full of great times and tons of educational fun, and next year promises to have the same.

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