Rumblings: Dickey Move

>>> It looks like Andrew Bynum will fit in here nicely once (if) he’s healthy: He did what most Philadelphia basketball fans love doing last week by talking a little smack on Kobe. [ESPN]

>>> The biggest free agent pitcher deal to help the Phillies this weekend was not their own signing of John Lannan, but the Toronto Blue Jays taking R.A. Dickey away from the NL East. That’ll help. [Yahoo Sports]

>>> Since a deal is still apparently not close to being done, the NHLPA is making moves to dissolve the union (which allows players to individually file suits against the league). It’s worth noting that when this was done in the last NBA lockout, a deal happener very quickly after, and not-so-quickly after in last year’s NFL lockout. [Chicago Tribune]

>>> And Happy Birthday Chase Utley, you will always be in our hearts for many reasons, one of which is this.

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