Local Film About This Week’s “End Of The Wold” Is Available On Pay What You Want Model

So this is it. This is the final week on Earth. Except it’s not, because that’s absurd and silly, but what if it is? How do you spend that last day? That’s what Shane Bissett‘s This Time Tomorrow asks.

The romantic drama was filmed and conceptualized in Philadelphia, as Bissett (the film’s writer/director/producer) and the cameramen and actors drove around the city non-stop for five days filming. The film’s plot was laid out in an outline, but all of the dialogue was improvised, creating a real-life, human feel to the conversations. The film debuted at this year’s Philadelphia Film Festival to some pretty nice reviews, and now, you can see it for whatever price you want. Over at the film’s website, you can pay whatever you want for a digital download of the film (and prices ranging from $5 and up for a physical copy). But with the end of the world looming, why not toss some dollars at this thing. You can’t take it with you.

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