Hey Writers, There’s A New Craft Publishing House That Wants To Put Out Your Work

Frankford Ave. already has a solid helping of craft shops, whether they be handmade jewelry or artisan ice cream, but now we can all welcome a “craft publishing house” to the block.

The Head and the Hand, which is the first craft publishing house we’ve ever come across, says on their website that they use the term craft publishing house because, “we consider writers to be artisans and we think that they should have control over the process of crafting a book from when the first word is put on the page, to when the first book hits the shelf.” The stated goal? “To create equitable relationships between authors and the tools they need to craft a book, while being intentional about the work we produce and the people who are producing it.” And they plan to accomplish that with podcasts, community supported publishing, craft publishing, workshops, and almanacs.

The almanacs, the first of which is titled The Rust Belt Rising Almanac, will be full of short stories, essays, poetry, photographs, and more. And they’re accepting submissions (and book manuscripts) over here. So writers, let 2013 be the year you finally work on that book you’ve been putting off forever, and you can do it on Frankford Ave.

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  1. Osama Yo Says:

    Now this is a great business model. Every wanabe writer in the city is going to inundate them with tons of drivel scribbled on bar napkins and panty shields.

    Good luck guys

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