Now You Can Fight Parking Tickets In Your Underwear

Well, we guess you always could, but you’d probably get arrested: Yesterday, the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication launched a site where you can appeal all of your parking tickets using the magic of the internet. You can access the site through BAA’s website (or right here, which you may want to bookmark), and just fill out a simple form. According to Technically Philly, who has a screengrab of the page over here, you can input your reason for dispute, written testimony, and even upload picture evidence if you are so obliged.

Just remember, as laid out in the site’s FAQ:

Who has what burden of proof? The City’s burden of proof is the parking ticket itself. If properly issued, meaning that all of the required items of information about the violation observed are recorded on the ticket and a business copy of the ticket is in front of the hearing examiner, the City has met its burden of proof and in order to prevail on appeal it is then up to the respondent (the person appealing) to present through testimony and/or physical evidence a case that the ticket was not validly issued.”

So, you know, guilty until proven innocent.

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