Sports Rumblings: Bad Fans, Old Quarterbacks Getting Into The Twitter Game

>>> Shane Victorino recently admitted that the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry had a lot to do with his decision to go to Boston. Maybe because he grounded out to lose the 2009 World Series to them. He also said that he hopes the Boston fans aren’t “too much tougher” than us good old Phillies fans. Well that may be exactly the situation, Shane. In 2011 Red Sox fans were rated sixth worst in the U.S. and the second worse in baseball, with Phillies fans ranked first. []

>>> Bobby Hoying is on Twitter. Hoying was the Eagles quarterback of the future in the 1996 NFL draft, often compared to Troy Aikman at the time. Hoying was alright in 1997 but threw no touchdowns and nine interceptions in a half season in 1998. He was benched and the 3-13 season would be Ray Rhodes’ last, setting up the Andy Reid era. Now, Nick Foles is drawing comparisons and everyone is wondering whether he’ll be Tom Brady or just another Bobby Hoying. Hoying himself has appeared on Twitter in the past few days and tweeted his support for the young quarterback, wishing Foles good luck and calling him “much more polished at this point.” Interesting to note that one of Hoying’s best games was a 44-42 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, who Foles takes on tonight. [Twitter]

>>> Speaking of who has the worst fans in sports, it seems to be the Sixers right now, or at least they have the worst fan in sports. Last night after the Sixers went down 96-89 to the Chicago Bulls, a young Philly fan was arguing with a Bulls fan on the Market-Frankford El. When the Sixers fan got off at 46th street, he turned and fired a gunshot into the train car, hitting the Bulls fan and a bystander behind him. Both of the victims are recovering and the shooter hasn’t been caught but this sort of thing makes it hard to defend our city’s fans. And if Andrew Bynum turns out to be a total bust, as he seems to be, we’ll need to attract other superstars to our team. This isn’t the way to do it. [Yahoo Sports]

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  1. Jonas Says:

    Calling out this sort of absurd and unacceptable behavior is completely appropriate, but why go to the trouble of implicating the entire Sixers fan base? Obviously this is the age-old “one bad apple” debate, so there is plenty to say on both sides. But at the risk of being unoriginal I would like to say that I was at the game last night, and on the Broad Street and Market Frankford lines afterward (Eastbound to Frankford, though), and all I saw was people having a good time and enjoying themselves. This is terrible to hear about, and you are right to report on it, but I am going to continue going to Sixers games and riding the subway to them and I have no concerns for my safety while doing so.

    My only concern about the Sixers fan base is that it isn’t bigger, since we have an exciting young team with a lot of seemingly likeable, hard-working players. I don’t think one bad apple spoils the bunch in this case. I think the atmosphere at and around Sixers games is generally more fun and positive than either the Eagles or Flyers, although the Sixers are certainly the fourth most popular team in town right now.

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