Here Is Your Late-Breaking Philebrity Awards News: The Home Stretch, Now With Booze And Lawsuits!

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Holy smokes, we’re in the final stretch of voting for this year’s Philebrity Awards! If you haven’t voted, well, VOTE NOW because, well, more on that in a moment, let’s talk about the big show — that is, The 2012 Philebrity Awards & Xmas Pageant on Wednesday, December 19th at Johnny Brenda’s:

· Because we hate charging people for events, we are presenting this year’s event to you with absolutely free admission. We are happy to announce that this year’s Awards Show & Xmas Pageant will be brought to you by Art in the Age Craft Spirits, makers of Root, Snap, Rhubarb, Sage and Spodee Wine with a Kick. We’ll also be featuring AITA cocktails at the ceremony (whoa Nelly), and attendees will have a chance to enter to win AITA and Spodee gift baskets. Boom!

· Meanwhile, the show itself is lining up to be a total doozy. In addition to the acts we mentioned last week — all performing holiday-themed material — we’re also happy to announce the addition of South Philly alt-country kids The Lawsuits. The group’s forthcoming EP Numbers is a spooky-quiet slow burner, but we’re told they’ll rocking out full-stop next Wednesday.

· And finally: As we mentioned before, poll results will be hidden from tomorrow afternoon through to the end of voting at 3pm on Wednesday, December 19th. Before we hide results tomorrow, we’ll take one last look at current standings (some categories are getting crushed by one nominee, others are total squeakers), but at the risk of repeating ourselves, VOTE NOW!

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