Alycia Lane’s Defamation Suit Has Been Thrown Out of Court; A City Shrugs.

Long before cats even thought about having cheeseburgers,  news anchor meltdowns were once the backbone of the interwebs. Today marks the end of an era, as the messiest and most public and prolonged meltdown in local anchor history came to an end. Today, Alycia Lane’s defamation suit against CBS affiliate KYW was thrown out of court. It turns out that the anchorwoman stone lied during testimony about when she had her hard drive erased. CBS lawyers contacted big brother up in Cupertino, and when the receipts for the service didn’t match the testimony, that’s called lying.

We’ve gone down this Lane before and were quite burned out on it as far back as 2oo7, so we find no need to rehash all the he/said she/said, or all the who sent sexy bikini shots to Rich Eisen, or who punched a NYC cop whilst homophobically slurring her words. Or who hacked into who’s email account and lost his job.

The whole thing was a shitshow for the ages and if nothing else, gives John Bolaris’ finger somewhere downhill to point. Today, may be the final chapter in the Philadelphia portion of Lane’s story. Larry Mendte, with whom she still denies affairing around, has already pleaded guilty to hacking her email, and some of the charges against him still stand, but this is pretty much the final whimper for Ms. Lane who is now a weekend anchor for KNBC in LA.

We wish her well and  hope she keeps that gig for a long time, cause it’s really far from here.

2 Responses to “Alycia Lane’s Defamation Suit Has Been Thrown Out of Court; A City Shrugs.”

  1. Osama Yo Says:

    I for one miss her sexy little ass wandering around Washington Sq with her dog. That little ass perked me up on many a morning as i ran by.

  2. JaJaBarrett Says:

    I’m starting to feel bad for Mendte. What a train wreck he god messed up with.

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