215 Fest Says, Thank You, You’re Welcome, See Ya Next Year!

Some of the 215 Festival’s volunteer crew, from left: Alethia Calbeck, Mary Richardson Graham, Ian Cross, Joey Sweeney, Gary Reuben, Jim Adair, Noelle Egan, Claire Connelly, Michael Thatcher and Clarissa Griebel.

We haven’t done much post-game on the 215 Festival since it all went down in November, but suffice it to say that it was one of the best things we ever got to be a part of — for so many reasons. Here’s a new one: The 215 Fest just won City Paper Big Vision Award, and, well, on behalf of everyone, thanks! The positive response we had from the 215 Fest this year, before, during and after, was very much one of the things that put gas in the tank for us. And we’re proud and excited to say that the Fest will be back October 17-20, 2013; and look for some occasional 215 Festival quarterly events to start popping up after the new year.

[Photo: Neal Santos for CP]

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  1. Andrew Chalfen Says:

    If Sassy Magazine were still around, this photo would be featured in their “Cute Organizers Alert”.

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