The Complete Streets Bill Passed And Will Likely Be Signed Into Law … Now What?

The Complete Streets Bill is not yet a law — Mayor Nutter has expressed support but has yet to sign it into law — and the next step would be enforcement. And how will the future law be enforced? According to Philadelphia Weekly, no one really knows yet:

And if any actual progress is to be made concerning bicyclists in the city, enforcement is likely key. In a newsletter put together by the International Police Mountain Bike Association, it’s noted: ‘Increasing enforcement of traffic laws for bicyclists requires a change of attitude by police officers on the street as well as administrators.’

Police often find themselves not enforcing bicycle laws, for several reasons, but one obvious one: ‘Very few police officers receive training or encouragement to enforce bike laws,’ notes Kirby Beck, the author of the report. “It typically is not part of the law enforcement paradigm.'”

So for now, and in the immediate future, the bill is in place and set to go, but there is really no set mechanism to really enforce it. Basically, it’s the same as before. You can read more here.

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  1. Lance Ducotte Says:

    I like how everyone rages against bicyclists when it’s everyone – cabs, buses, cars, cops, etc. that do rolling stops, run lights, disregard pedestrians, and on and on. Stand on any corner in this city and you’ll see that we’re all assholes, not just bicyclists. Either do something about everyone, or shut the fuck up about bicyclists.

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