Dept. Of Meaningless Lists: Forbes Is All Up In Our Business Again

Oh Forbes. How do you love making lists? Let us count the ways: You love making lists about hipsters, toxicity, hardest places to get by, and many others. But this time, you took a page out of Travel + Leisure‘s book and … moved it one page over.

Last year, T+L named Philadelphia the second dirtiest city in America, and today, Forbes named it the third (PROGRESS!). According to the Forbes list:

The Philadelphia – Camden – Wilmington metro area sits on the Delaware River, which has been lined with refineries and chemical plants for decades. The region has 18.5 million lbs a year of toxic releases, according to the EPA, with 7.2 million lbs discharged into the water. Superfund sites include the Franklin Slag Pile and the Martin Aaron site. Sperling Air Quality Index: 22 Sperling Water Quality Index: 12.”

To which we say … okay, fair point. But does toxic waste release mean “dirty.” It certainly means toxic. It means poor air quality. And it means we have a higher percent chance of creating our own Toxic Avenger. But dirty? You’re slippin’ Forbes, even further than we thought possible.

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