Your Guide To The Philebrity Award Nominees For Breakout Music Artist Of The Year

Certainly the flashiest of all Philebrity Awards, and the one that people seem to really rally people to vote for, is the award for New Music Artist of the Year.

Last year’s race basically came down to Bleeding Rainbow (née Reading Rainbow) and Nothing, who have both had stellar years this year, but Nothing pulled out the win. And this year’s race? Oh boy do we have some great nominees. We’ve got some hip-hop, some indie-rock (of course), some electronic stuff, and some stuff that blurs those lines. We’re very excited about this year’s six nominees, and we think you should hear them all before you vote. So without further ado, here are your nominees for this year’s breakout musical act.

Meet us after the jump for some (super short) bios and tunes from all the nominees.

>>> Spacin’Jason Killinger (of Birds of Maya), teamed up with Sean Hamilton, Paul Sukeena, and Killinger’s wife Eva to create some great garage-y psychedelia that was loved not only by us, but by others.

>>> Langor – Former frontman of The Sw!ms, Brian Langan, modifies his last name and creates some indie-pop worth dancing around to.

>>> Spaceship Aloha – Man Man’s Christopher Sean Powell, aka Spaceship Aloha, makes the sunniest of sun-shiny beats that make us wish it was still pool season. The electronic beats take us back to a simpler, warmer time. Plus, his stuff is released on the Data Garden label, so with each release you can plant the postcard that has the download code and grow some new flowers.

>>> Grande Marshall – On Fools Gold records, the home to Chromeo, Cool Kids, and Kavinsky, Grande Marshall makes the laid-back hip-hop that sounds it came through a wormhole from an earlier time. Like the artist above, Grande Marshall takes us to a warmer time, but one where we’re driving slow with the windows down and the stereo up. Okay, maybe we haven’t done that, but now we want to.

>>> Little Big League – Featuring former members of Post Post, Golden Ages and Titus Andronicus, Little Big League blends indie-rock, power-pop, and straight up cool jams. In addition to the songs below, you can check out their live sound in The Key Studio Session they did here.

>>> Chill Moody – Based on the strength of a Twitter campaign, West Philly rapper Chill Moody hopped out to a strong early lead, but the field is evening out now, and with another full week to vote, it’s still anyone’s game. But those votes were already from fans, and now, with new people listening here and loving it, we’re sure he’ll get even more votes. So it’s up to everyone else to unseat Chill Moody from the first place throne. But he’s the only person on this list who would dare rap over Journey, so that should pull in some votes right there.

So there you have it, don’t forget to vote over here, you’ve got until next Wednesday.

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