When The Weather Gets Warmer, You Can Get Chased By Zombies In FDR Park

As anyone who has ever lost a foot race will tell you, they would’ve run faster if something was chasing them. Well, now they can put their money where their legs are, with the Zombie Run at FDR Park. The 5k run takes place April 7, 2013, and is the brainchild of Wharton School student Andrew Hudis and Bucks County Community College student David Feinman, both 19.

Yes, zombie-themed 5k races aren’t an entirely new concept, but as Hudis and Feinman say, their race stands out because it really focuses on a fully fleshed-out story, like a ride at Disney World. And that story? It goes something like this:

At the starting line, you’ll come across a flipped tanker, —the source of the toxic compound. After the first kilometer, you’ll enter into a military-controlled apocalypse zone. Beware, this is where your dash from zombies will begin. Around kilometer 3, you’ll make it to a vaccination hydration center. The vaccine will fail, and you’ll have to continue to sprint from zombies. The last 2 kilometers are a free-for-all, as you charge towards freedom. Zombies are everywhere. Helicopters circle overhead and military personnel distribute face masks for safety during your final steps.”

You can register for the race here, because running from zombies and mayhem in FDR park is a lot more fun than doing the same thing in Kensington.

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  1. City rat Says:

    What it takes to motivate some people to run 3 miles.

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