Your Guide To The Philebrity Award Nominees For General Fabulousness

One of the most fun awards for us to give out every year at the Philebrity Awards is the award for General Fabulousness, where we award the Philadelphia that the voters think most represents our town as a living, breathing monument to all that is fabulous.

Last year’s race was extremely close (with this year’s performer Doogie Horner slimly beating out Tammy Faymous), and this year’s is looking to turn out the same way, with there already being three different nominees with a lead.

And this year’s nominees? Oh man are they great. We’ve got people in the limelight, from the literary sphere, artists, comedy folks, and people who call the stage their home. And if you don’t know a whole lot about a few of our nominees, allow us to introduce them.

Meet us after the jump for the nominee breakdown.

>>> Sheena Parveen – What can we say about the lovely Sheena Parveen? We can say that she hasn’t quite replaced Cecily Tynan in the hearts of local news-watchers everywhere, but she’s carved out her own little spot pretty nicely. She’s been giving us our weather updates on NBC10 news all year, and while we love Glenn Schwartz, Ms. Parveen is a sight for sore eyes after staring at the bow-tied ‘Cane for years and years. Plus, she actually knows her shit: Parveen has a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist seal from the American Meteorological Society and showed her stuff during what seemed like a 24-hour shift during Hurricane Sandy, where NBC wisely had someone else repeat the weather report after Parveen, in case the men weren’t listening (and she rakes in a handful of marriage proposals every day on this unofficial Facebook fan page). She is without a doubt the most visible nominee in the category, and even without a win we know we’ll be seeing lots more of Ms. Parveen for a long time to come. Just a piece of advice though, avoid the term “Storm of the Century.”

>>> CA Conrad – Poet and Pew Fellow CA Conrad has a special place in our hearts. On top of all of his poetry, books, fellowships, and other professional accomplishments, Conrad got all up in the face of Philadelphia Magazine, twice. He took time out of standing up for the Mummers and the Boss to talk to us a little while back, and you can hear him talk about himself in his own words there. Plus, as we said when we spoke to him, he makes people feel comfortable in the realm of the strange, and if that isn’t fabulous and Philadelphian, we don’t know what is.

>>> Haas & Hahn – Crazy Dutch artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn, known collectively as Haas & Hahn, are mostly known for their work in Rio de Janeiro. But a 2011 Knight Arts Challenge grant to the Mural Arts Program brought them from Brazil to Philadelphia to create their first permanent work in North America. That work, Philly Painting, places color blocks all over Germantown Ave., bringing light to a previously dim place. And they didn’t just show up and paint, both men lived in North Philadelphia (on the same block they painted their mural) for a yearlong residency. They threw barbecues for their neighbors, got input from business-owners on color choice, and turned in a fantastic mural that some didn’t enjoy, but we here at the Philebs wholeheartedly support.

>>> Dito Van ReigersbergDito Van Reigersberg, who many of you may know better as Martha Graham Cracker, has been entertaining this city for a long time. As co-artistic director at Pig Iron Theater Company, Van Reigersberg is helping expand and invent new theater in the city all year round (Pig Iron also always has a presence at the Fringe Fest), and as the leader of the Martha Graham Cracker Cabaret, Martha Graham Cracker hops into the spotlight and entertains everyone in the house frequently at L’Etage, Van Reigersberg and Graham Cracker are truly a great team, so it works out really well that they’re the same person.

>>> Juliet Hope WayneJuliet Hope Wayne has done great work with us in the past, including co-hosting last year’s awards ceremony, and she’s got one of the fastest, sharpest, and dirtiest minds in Philadelphia. We’ve known (and loved) her work for a few years, so we’re glad to see her get the nomination (and of course some votes) for this award. There really aren’t enough good things we could say about Juliet, and most of what we do say will be different versions of “funny, smart, quick-witted, honest, genuine” etc. So why not just give her a listen for yourself.

>>> Madi DiStefano – Founding Artistic Director of Brat Productions, Madi DiStefano, who also works with The Walnut Street Theatre, Azuka Theatre, Theatre Exile, and The Live Arts Festival, is a big-time player in Philadelphia’s theater scene. She’s another person who has been putting in great work in Philly for years now, so it’s our honor to have her nominated for the award. We’re sure she cherishes this nomination as much as her nine Barrymore Award noms, if not more. DiStefano has spent a lot of time and effort making fun, interesting, and affordable theater for all Philadelphians to enjoy, and that’s about as fabulous as it gets.

So there you have it. Now that you’re a bit more informed, make that vote count over here.

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