PGW Sale Faces Opposition, Is A Mess To The Surprise Of No One

We’ve been talking about the impending sale of PGW for a little while now (it’s even getting some Excommunication votes), and up to this point, we had heard very little on the resistance front. Well, no longer: According to The Inquirer, resistance to PGW’s sale is coming from the Philadelphia Gas Commission, the city’s public advocate and the utility workers’ union.

So what’s the issue? The Philadelphia Gas Commission has “delayed approving $2.7 million in expenses to pay the team of financial, legal, and communications consultants Nutter hired to guide the city through the sales process.” In addition, PGW has been without a budget since Sept. 1, which has caused the other groups to urge to gas commission to “block PGW from paying the fees, which are included in the utility’s $697 million annual operating budget.” You know, stuff that should totally be figured out before we sell this scrap heap.

Meanwhile, the Mayor considers the issue “settled” since City Solicitor Shelley R. Smith has given PGW legal authority to pay the costs, which Community Legal Services and Local 686 have questioned “whether PGW should pay any fees, because, they say, customers are unlikely to benefit from the process.” And from there, it still somehow gets messier. You can read more about the opposition and support over here, because this is all starting to make our heads hurt. Would an excommunication win settle all of this?

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