Inquirer And Daily News Will Split From, Set Up Paywall

While is still rolling out some of the redesign features, it looks like the site will be a bit lonely next year: According to Poynter, in the first quarter of 2013the Daily News and Inquirer will launch their own sites behind a paywall (which, as we learned with the New York Times, is fairly easy to work around), while remains free and open access.

Interstate General Media spokesperson Mark Block told Poynter, “The precise launch date is not confirmed, but our time frame is first quarter 2013.”’s focus will reportedly be entertainment features and video, while the details of the subscription plans are still being finalized, according to Net News Check. NNC also says:

The move is reminiscent of what happened in Boston last year when was launched alongside The two sites have run in tandem since then, with charging subscription fees and offering content similar to what appears in print., meanwhile, has remained free and continued to expand its digital offerings with blogs, event calendars and other digital-only features.”

So we can probably expect the Inky to try to class-up its online presence and image, distancing itself from the look and feel of, much as it does in print with the Daily News. But really? We have to pay for this stuff now? So it is here where we ask you:

2 Responses to “Inquirer And Daily News Will Split From, Set Up Paywall”

  1. Mike Satalof Says:

    Will the frothing racist commenters follow them?

  2. the hood polloi Says:

    Depends on the cost. Philly has a bunch of excellent, free media outlets covering local stuff and national/world news is easy to get too, so the environment may be too competitive for the pay model to be sustainable.

    Either way, let’s hope that the commenters self-segregate, since we all know which side most of the frothing racists fall on.

    BTW, “snob deez” before anyone plays that card.

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