Bikeshare Coming To Philadelphia As Byko Sheds A Single Tear

As the result of years of studies and work, the Mayors Office of Transportation and Utilities has announced a plan to bring a Bikeshare to Philadelphia by 2014. According to MOTU, “With Bikeshare, Philadelphians don’t have to worry about storing a bike or fixing a flat tire and you can take a trip that you might not usually take because it is too far walk, too close for transit or parking a car would be too difficult.”

The plan was hatched out of a feasibility study done in 2009 that found “Philadelphia had the density and number of short trips to make a bike share system work in Center City, University City and the Temple University area.” In addition, with the bike accident rates dropping and the new Complete Streets Bill, MOTU decided the time was now.

On the financial side of things, “The City plans to put up $3 million in capital funds over two years to leverage an addition $5 to $6 million in federal, state and private sector funding for capital.” In addition, the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (along with support from MOTU, the Bicycle Coalition, and the William Penn Foundation) is requesting proposals for a firm to develop the future bikeshare’s business plan. Once it all gets rolling, the city is likely to see hundreds of bikes available for public use, and dozens of Byko columns about it.

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