Update: Mark Segal Signs Off On Gay Republican PA Legislator So, You Know, Everybody Get In Line Or Else!

What, you might ask, is the only thing that could sully the act of bravery it was for PA state representative Mike Fleck to be the first Republican legislator to come out? We think we found the answer: The Mark Segal seal of approval. In a tut-tutting-before-anybody-even-knew-there-was-anything-to-tut column in his Philadelphia Gay News, Segal brays down, naming any problem anyone might have with this guy, only to turn around and then essentially say that you’re a bad gay/bad person if anything about Fleck’s Republicanism, Christianity or anything else bothers you. Which may in fact be true. But geez, Mark, do you have so be such a bloviating bore about it all?

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