Sports Rumblings: Farewell Vanimal

>>> Allen Iverson, who made around $154 million over 14 years with four NBA teams, continues to have his financial troubles revealed through his divorce proceedings. He recently claimed just over $62,000 in monthly income against approximately $360,000 in monthly expenses. You know those monthly expenses, like $10,000 for clothes, $10,000 for food, $5,000 to dine out, plus thousands more for entertainment and dry cleaning among other things. [Sports Illustrated]

>>> End of the NHL lockout? The rumblings seem to agree that the hockey drought will end sometime, and that a short and fast 50-60 game season will take place. Some reports have the Penguins organization as a big part of the progress, with captain Sydney Crosby and Pens co-owner Ron Burkle stepping up to find common ground between the sides. [NY Magazine]

>>> The Phillies have traded away pitcher Vance Worley and pitching prospect Trevor May for hat-tilting Minnesota Twins center fielder Ben Revere. This could good because it leaves plenty of money under the cap to throw at third base and potentially other outfielders, and could be bad because it remains to be seen if Revere, who was third in the AL in stolen bases last year, can do much else. Some have questioned his arm, some his bat, and others his use of twitter. [Phillies]

UPDATE: And here’s your new center fielder singing “Single Ladies.”

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  1. Mike Satalof Says:

    As a bonus, at least Revere will keep the Soul Patrol alive

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