Jeb Bush To Act As Custodian Of Sacred Document He Once Helped Circumvent

Second eldest of the George and Barbara Bush brood, and onetime Governor of America’s wang, John Ellis “Jeb” Bush will follow in the footsteps of his father and his father’s arch rival, William Jefferson Clinton and become the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Constitution Center.

I am honored to have this opportunity and am humbled to follow in the footsteps of my beloved father, President George H.W. Bush, who first exemplified to me what it means to be a good citizen and to uphold the ideals expressed within the U.S. Constitution,” said Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida from 1999-2007. “The National Constitution Center’s mission to improve civic education and engagement and inspire active citizenship is filling a critical void in our country. I will do my best to advance the Center’s mission and continue the vision set forth by President Clinton’s leadership these last three years.”

The gig commences on January 1st 2013 when Bush will be replacing Bill Clinton who had this to say:

It has been a great honor to serve as the Center’s Board Chairman for the past three years, and I couldn’t be more pleased that Governor Bush will lead this world-class museum into the future,” said President Clinton. “Governor Bush will be an eloquent spokesman for the Center’s mission and will work well with all of the Center’s supporters regardless of party.”

It’s true, Governor Bush and the US Constitution went through a rocky patch back in the day but like Chris Brown and Rihanna, or Eagles fans and Eagles, or Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist, some love stories are eternal.

4 Responses to “Jeb Bush To Act As Custodian Of Sacred Document He Once Helped Circumvent”

  1. Jim Bear Says:

    Jeb is actually second eldest behind George W. Just seems like he is the older, more mature one.

  2. Adam Brodsky Says:

    I prolly knew that at one point. Thanks, Fixed.

  3. City rat Says:

    I’d be concerned if the National Constitution Center actually had an original copy of the Constitution, but it doesn’t.

  4. Robert Severn Says:

    Good time to get it out and read it. That would put you way ahead of most of our current government…

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