PA’s First Openly Gay Legislator Welcomes Republicans’ First Openly Gay Legislator

Last Saturday, Pennsylvania state representative Mike Fleck came out of the closet and became the only sitting openly gay Republican state legislator in the country, and the second state legislator in PA to be openly gay.

Today our friend Brian Sims (right), who defeated longtime PA state representative Babette Josephs to become the first openly gay legislator in Pennsylvania, has written a piece on the Huffington Post‘s Gay Voices blog welcoming Fleck and congratulating him on his courageous decision. You can read the blog here.

While we support Mike Fleck’s historic announcement and want him to be who he is, we wouldn’t mind him putting some of those GOP issues in the closet for a while.

  • JohnEightThirtyTwo

    Brian Sims hasn’t taken office yet; the new session starts in January. So Mike Fleck is PA’s first openly gay legislator.