Mark Squilla Thinks A Supermajority Is A Good Idea … For Resident Parking Permits

Councilman Mark Squilla’s got a new bill, and it was approved by streets committee today and will be slated for a full vote later this month. The bill raises the threshold of neighbors needed to create resident parking on a street to 70%. The current 51% model has proven to foment “mini civil-wars” as some neighbors want to keep the streets free for all, and some would prefer short term parking, (usually two hours) for non-residents, and unlimited parking for those with residential stickers purchased from the city.

Councilman Squilla says, “Half the block wants it, the other half doesn’t want it. And either way you do it, you have half the people mad at you.” Under the new proposed legislation to be voted on later this month, you’d only have 30% of your neighbors thinking you’re a dick. So … progress.

If you do live on one of these permit blocks you can pay $35 fee for the first year, and $20 every following year, If you have guests, the PPA, a model of customer satisfaction, sells day passes in books of 5 for $35, or you can get 30-day and 15-day passes for $30 and $15, respectively. See how much easier your life just got?

Either way, curb your dog, take in your trashcans, and maybe wave when you pass on the street.  This is no time to be “That Guy” on your block.

2 Responses to “Mark Squilla Thinks A Supermajority Is A Good Idea … For Resident Parking Permits”

  1. Christopher Sawyer Says:

    The number of people bitching in Squilla’s office, on the phone or via email about parking must have risen to more than 1 per day.

  2. Kevin Musselman Says:

    No coincidence that this happened 36 hours after that contentious FACT meeting re: permit parking. I bet the phones were ringing off the hook. My piece in The Spirit Newspaper to follow….

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