Ed Snider Breaks “Half Your Age, Plus Seven” Rule

45 years ago, then 34 year-old Ed Snider’s Philadelphia Flyers were beginning their inaugural season. As was Lin Spivak. Recently, while the Flyers and the entire NHL remained dormant, Snider and Spivak agreed to terms on a personal merger. Spivak will be his fourth wife.

If Spivak could make it through Atlas Shrugged, which Snider exec produced, and those heartwarming objectivism speeches at the Ayn Rand Institute, a few years of marriage should be a relative breeze. Sportsinput.com reported:

Snider excused himself to the restroom, and then several actors and singers came out and sang the popular hit “Marry You” by Bruno Mars to Spivak, followed by a drop to one knee.”

There is no word as to whether Lin calls him Ed or Mr. Snider nor is it known if the ring was designed by Snider’s third wife, jewelry designer Christine Decroix.

For now, it remains the only ring the 79 year old chairman has a shot at giving his betrothed, though cautious optimism is the phrase of the day amongst the skating set.

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  1. Lol215 Says:

    Don’t know this publication. That’s one of the funniest description ever. Bravo

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