The 2013 Flower Show Asks, Who Needs Paris When You’ve Got London?

After making a stop off in sunny Hawaii last year (and ignoring Philly’s current obsession with all things Parisian), this year’s edition of the PHS Flower Show will base its foundation on the grey skies of London.

The show, entitled “Brilliant!,” was “inspired by the majestic beauty and creative genius of Great Britain.” Which, yeah, Britain is very flowery and beautiful but we watch Sherlock and Luther and we don’t see it there. The show runs from March 2nd to March 10th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, and promises to have programming and attractions to “pay tribute to centuries of influential British culture.” The PHS has also partnered with Britain’s Royal Horticultural Society (it’s a bummer that the Brits have staked a claim to the word Royal, because it makes everything sound cooler) and will have British experts and designers on hand, including Mark Lane, the Gardens Manager at Buckingham Palace.

Oh, and for some reason there will be a contest to find a mini statue of the Queen to win tickets to the flower show. Tickets are currently available here.

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  1. Arnold Wittkamp Says:

    love this show!
    Arnold Wittkamp from WeBloom in Amsterdam would love to help with installing and decorating a stand. Get a professional dutch flower stylist as a freelancer and book now. March is still availible.
    Look at my LinkedIn page!

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