MP3(s) Of The Moment: Birdie Busch And The Greatest Night

Birdie Busch has been one of our favorite Philly singer/songwriters — and trust us, sadly, there are not many — for a long time now. And it’s been entirely too long since a new Birdie record was let loose in the world. But finally, the relative silence has been broken, and yesterday, Birdie Busch And The Greatest Night floated into our view and we have no intention of letting it go. A moody, spacious effort that brings to mind recent faves like M. Ward and Jessie Baylin, here’s Birdie with a full band and a supermoon on the horizon. If there’s any justice, this is the one that finally put the Bird over and get the girl some of that sweet, sweet Windows 8 money. Check her out live Thursday, December 6th @ Philamoca with Casey Neill and Heyward Howkins.

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