Mayor Nutter Signs Agreement That Gives Us All A Pen Pal In Tianjin, China

On Mayor Nutter‘s trip to China, which he is totally doing a report on for his Social Studies class, he signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Tianjin, China, which “encourages trade development and education cooperation as well as promotes the ‘Sister City Fellowship Program,’ which will focus on personnel development between the two cities.” We don’t really know what this means on a tangible level, but let’s all just find someone in Tianjin and write them letters to make them our pen pals (or maybe even send them our Flat Stanleys). In addition, the Fox Chase Cancer Center, Drexel University, White and Williams, LLP and the Philadelphia Orchestra signed MOUs with similar organizations in Tianjin, creating healthcare, education, law, and arts partnerships.

The Vice President of Research & Development Alliances at Fox Chase and Head of Fox Chase International, Kurt Schwinghammer, Ph. D., said “These kind of sister-hospital relationships, which align the skills and resources of cancer research, diagnosis and treatment resident at Fox Chase with the extraordinary growth of cancer treatment and diagnostic requirements in China and other nations, help us expand our Center’s mission of prevailing over cancer internationally.” Naturally, we mentioned this only because THAT DUDE IS NAMED KURT SCHWINGHAMMER.

[Image via PHL In China]

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