Latrice Bryant Is Still Saying And Doing Insane Things

Do you remember Latrice Bryant? The aide to W. Wilson Goode Jr. who got into a little controversy when she may or may not have been having adult relations with him a few years back? A situation which she promptly followed up by calling Fox29 the KKK? Well, she’s still saying some crazy things, namely about some women who are “Plan Old FAT!”

In a recent Facebook post, Bryant rants about women who are “F-A-T.” It all stems from fat women going out to parties and “gritting on people like me or women smaller than me because you are FAT and you mind and spirit is NOT RIGHT!” You know, common thoughts that most normal people have. You can read the whole (lengthy) Facebook post over here, but let us warn you, you might need to take an intermission just to get through it without a headache.

Oh, she also bragged about a pants-down battle royal in the bathroom of a club.

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