Attn. Philly: Now That We’ve Been On Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover, Can We Stop Whining?

Okay, so last night was the debut airing of Anthony Bourdain‘s 36-hour stay in Philadelphia on The Layover. All in all, it was your standard Layover episode, but it was nice to see Bourdain eat his words about the city and obviously have a great time. But, with local outlets freaking out over his trip here to film and tracking his every move like they were NORAD and he was Santa Claus, the show was … well … just a show. It’s not even Bourdain’s most popular TV program, he mistakenly said the Mütter Museum was in West Philly, and hit just about every spot we all figured he would. Yes, we know that’s the point of the show, but we were hoping for something more … inspired. It was nice to hear him give Philly its due respect though, after shitting on the city for a few years (and his questions during the Grim Philly tour were pretty spectacular).

And we will give him props for blasting the Cheesesteak and the Rocky Statue. Dude’s right on there.

[Image via The Travel Channel]

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