Rumblings: Do The Bartman

>>> Branding for Tower Place, the Blatstein-owned former State Office Building, has rolled out on the building’s Facebook page. Plus, you can totally follow the building on Instagram. [Facebook]

>>> The owners of the Inky are suing Blatstein for the remainder of their $340,500 security deposit back (they’ve received $56,750 to date). Well, maybe they’d have gotten their deposit back if they didn’t invite that guy who likes to punch holes in walls to all of their keggers. [Poynter]

>>> And Philebrity Awards Nominee Councilman Kenyatta Johnson wants a hearing to discuss a plan where Philadelphia could co-own the new casino that comes to town (which could very well be Blatstain’s), or at least receive a portion of the proceeds generated. [Newsworks]

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