The City of Philadelphia Launches The L&I App, And They Want You To Fiddle Around With It

Users of the Philly 311 app might already be aware of this, but the app’s newest update includes the new Department of Licenses and Inspections App, where you can report issues and access L&I property records such as permits, licenses, violations, and appeals.

L&I Commish Carlton Williams said, “We at L&I know that by partnering with community members in identifying and solving neighborhood problems, we can all make Philadelphia an even better place to live and work. We’re excited to leverage Philly311’s popular mobile app to offer users on the go the ability to access information about what L&I is doing in their neighborhood.” And what better way to meet the user halfway and show that you’re really ready to collaborate with them than to offer the app’s source code? None. That’s why the app’s source can be seen and accessed here. Do your worst, techies.

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