Did You Know There Are Salsa Classes Every Night In Philly? There Are Salsa Classes Every Night In Philly!

Over the last few years, there’s been an underground movement growing in this city. Singles or couples abscond for an hour or two to sweaty clubs with pulsating music and emerge exhausted but exhilarated. What is this scandalous pastime? It isn’t fightclub. It’s salsa dancing.

For a while now we’ve been aware that salsa lessons have been increasing in popularity. We just didn’t realize it was like this. There is a salsa class every night. Several some nights. Many of them even have an open dance after class, so students and pros can kick back and just have a fun time.

This brings us to the question of how anyone can keep track of all the classes that go on, which brings us to the answer, Salsadelphia. Salsadelphia is essentially an events calendar for Philly-area salsa classes. They have everything listed and you can sort by instructor, studio, level of expertise, live band or DJ, and more.

Pretty cool. They also list non-salsa latin dance classes, like mambo, son, and bachata. So cha-cha on over.

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